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Places To Go

If you're not sure what you want to do, pick a place to go, and everything else will fall in place. Whether you're visiting for day, making us your destination or even being a tourist in your own province, Manitoba can deliver the experiences you can expect from the heart of Canada.

Manitoba has an eclectic collection of geographic landscapes, cities with unique flare and history and parks to meet the expectations for the artists, adventurists and kids at heart.

Whether it be the food, the view, or the proud and friendly folks you'll meet along the way - we promise you'll get both what you're looking for, and more often than not, a moment of surprise brought to you by Manitoba.

Cheer on the chuck wagons on your way to photograph the lily capital of the world.

Stumble upon 100 year old Ukrainian churches tucked away among the rolling hills of Riding Mountain.

Scuba dive in a meteor created lake then feast on some of the best schnitzel a rural french community in the Mennonite region of Manitoba can deliver (see, we told you there'd be surprises!).

It all starts when you pick a place to go.

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